Places to Eat

As lunch will not be covered for both days of the conference, delegates are expected to exit the school to have lunch. Below are recommendations based on location, price point, convenience as well as whether or not to order for here or to go.


Heng On Market

Located a 5 minute walk from Renaissance College, the market is filled with a cooked food area as well as the market itself. Cooked food options include roasted pork rice, dumplings, Hot star chicken, a bakery, and bubble tea.

Location: Closest of all recommendations.

Price point: $15-$50

Convenience rank: 1/4

Take out or dine in: Take out.

Cafe de Coral

Located two floors above from the market, Cafe de Coral is a simple and convenient restaurant that have a variety of dishes. Dishes include roasted meat rice of your choice, seafood rice, and much more.

Location: Third furthest of all locations.

Price point: $35-$70

Convenience rank: 3/4

Take out or dine in: Dine in.



There are two McDonalds close to the school - one below Cafe de Coral, and the other in MOSTown. Both have a variety of items, however, the MOSTown one has a McCafe extension as well.

Location: Second closest of all locations.

Price point: $25-$60

Convenience rank: 2/4

Take out or dine in: Both.

MOS Town

Located a 7 minute train ride from Renaissance College, MOSTown is filled with a variety of restaurants such as KFC, McDonalds, Teawood, Pizza Hut, Italian Tomato, and much more.

Location: Furthest of all locations.

Price point HK$30-120

Convenience rank: 4/4

Take out or dine in: Dine in.



Renaissance College, 5 Hang Ming Street, Ma On Shan, NT, Hong Kong SAR

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