The Secretariat

From sending emails and recruiting chairs to designing Insta posts and merchandise, meet the team of Renaissance College students who strive to provide the best conference experience for you.

Ryan Tse


Greetings delegates! I’m Ryan Tse and I’m honoured to be the Secretary-General of RENMUN VI! MUN has always been a commitment that holds a high place in my heart so I’m more than excited to welcoming you to two days of fruitful debate to our world’s greatest issues, which has never become so important in the difficult conditions we’re facing today. I look forward to meeting you all in March!

Maki Flauta

Deputy Secretary-General

Hello, delegates! I'm Maki Flauta and I'm so thrilled to be serving as the Deputy-Secretary-General of RENMUN VI! One of my favourite things about MUN has always been its vibrant and passionate community, so I hope our conference will allow you meet other amazing people, engage in meaningful discussions and work together towards a better future. See you all in March!

Hitanshi Jain

Deputy Secretary-General

Welcome delegates! I am Hitanshi Jain, and I am honoured to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General for RENMUN VI. MUN has always been a massive part of my life. It helped me grow as a person in many ways, and I've made some worthwhile memories that hold an important place in my heart. I hope that RENMUN VI will be an enjoyable and memorable conference for each of you. I am very excited to be welcoming all of you in March next year!