Intermediate Committees

Disarmament and International Security Council

Head Chair: Cindy Liang | Deputy Chair: Tin Ng

1. Measures to Manage the Privatization of Military Forces

2. Regulation and Disarmament of Troops Involved in the Yemen War

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Head Chair: Sam Hui | Deputy Chair: Sakshi Gupta

1. The Issues of Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity in the Modern Era

2. Redefining the Alliance's Relations with Russia

Peacebuilding Commission

Head Chair: Ryan Orr | Deputy Chair: Howard Lee

1. Establishing a Framework for Peace in Latin American Areas Affected by Drug-related Conflict

2. Discussion on methods to better integrate East-West Europe

International Atomic Energy Agency

Head Chair: Jacqueline Sin | Deputy Chair: Amelia Lau

1. Discussing the Safe Disposal of Radioactive Nuclear Waste

2. Question of the North Korean Nuclear Programme

United States Senate

Head Chair: Bill Koo | Deputy Chair: Harsha Madhu

1. Addressing the Issue of Mass Incarceration

2. Reformation of the Electoral System