Beginner Committees


Human Rights Council

Head Chair: Yoonjung Choi | Deputy Chair: Audrey Yuen

1. Eliminating the Exploitation of Children in the Labor Force

2. Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Lebanon

World Health Organization

Head Chair: Germaine So | Deputy Chair: Rachel Vong

1. Addressing Intersex Individuals

2. Re-evaluating the Quality of Healthcare in Developing Countries

Commission on the Status of Women

Head Chair: Eugenia Tong | Deputy Chair: Shraddha Rajesh

1. Addressing Reproductive Rights and Women Empowerment

2. Eliminating Violence Against Women

Environment Programme

Head Chair: Ethan Yap | Deputy Chair: Michelle Geng

1. Addressing the Rapid Melting of Ice Caps in Antarctica

2. Management of Hazardous Waste in Developing Countries 

Economic and Social Council

Head Chair: Grace Tai | Deputy Chair: Heer Jhaveri

1. The Welfare of Palestinian People in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

2. Implementing Measures to Protect Food Security in Regards to Climate Change